Master Your EMDR Skills with EMDR Refresher Courses

This EMDR refresher course is for EMDR trained therapists to refresh their skills and refine their clinical practice. Review the fundamentals of EMDR for new and seasoned EMDR therapists to strengthen their clinical foundation.  We will discuss the original 8 phase protocol and clinical reasons when the protocol may need to be modified for stuck processing points.

This is a comprehensive overview of EMDR therapy and we will review the 8 prong 3 phase protocol and its implementation with patients.  Furthermore, we will discuss strategies for complex presentations, cognitive interweaves and how to document EMDR sessions.

Come learn about how to document the 8 phase protocol and how to create goals, treatment plans and evidenced based notes using the golden-thread approach.  Tie all of your documentation together so it flows back to the treatment plan, while staying loyal to the 8 phase EMDR protocol and baseline measures.

Course Objectives:

Inspect the history and development of EMDR and review revised theoretical model, methodology and mechanisms of action.

  1. Explain and discuss methodologies for each of the 8 phases of EMDR.
  2. Explore and discuss categories of cognitive interweaves and application to patients.
  3. Demonstrate strategies for target sequencing and selection and development of the EMDR Treatment plan.
  4. Identify strategies to support patients with complex presentations, dissociation and special populations.


EMDR Refresher Virtual Event: March 29, 2024 Via Zoom

Join us for a virtual event for the Refresher Course.

1162 Eastland Dr. N Twin Falls, ID

9 AM-4:30 MST

$229 Per Person

6 EMDRIA Credits


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EMDR Refresher Live Event May 17, 2024 in Twin Falls, Idaho

Join us for an in person event.

1162 Eastland Dr. N Twin Falls, ID

9 AM-4:30 MST

$229 Per Person

6 EMDRIA Credits and 6 CE's for Social Workers and counselors in the State of Idaho

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Expert Guidance

Benefit from our experienced instructors who provide in-depth understanding of EMDR therapy.

Practical Strategies

Learn practical strategies for complex presentations and cognitive interweaves.

Documentation Skills

Master the art of documenting EMDR sessions effectively.

Imagine being a confident, skilled EMDR therapist, ready to handle any case.

Signing up for our course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to make this dream a reality.

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