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Practice Policies:


Payment:  The frequency and duration will be decided between the consultee and the consultant, at a rhythm to best meet their needs.  If the consultee notifies the consultant less than 24 hours prior to the consultation date and time, they will be responsible

for the full fee of the service. You can reschedule on the original link on Calendly up to this time.


 By signing up for this consultation, I enter into this contract of understanding for EMDR Consultation:


The consultation will consist of the treatment modality of EMDR. As your EMDR Consultant, I can provide 20 required group and individual consultation hours to an EMDR trained clinician who is working towards EMDR Certification. Consultation services support the learning and development of new EMDR practitioners. As a consultant, you may be asked to request work samples, patient sessions for review with advanced notice. There may be audio/video recording shared and by signing this you consent, with verbal permission from the client, to share these.


 Confidentiality: Confidentiality is of paramount importance with vulnerable populations. It is required for all patient’s staffed and discussed and signed releases by consultee’s patients are required on all cases discussed in

meetings. It is the applicant’s responsibility to maintain confidentiality and Releases of Information relating to patients.


 Maintaining Hours: The approved consultant will always maintain a record of the hours of consultation provided, and it is also recommended the consultee

also maintain records, as letters of documentation are required by EMDRIA to

apply for certification.


Email: You may be notified of training, consulting opportunities via email.  


The consultant maintains the right to evaluate the consultee’s performance and amount of work deemed necessary to demonstrate clinical competency. If, for whatever reason, the consultant is unable to endorse the consultee candidate’s application for EMDRIA EMDR Certification, they will notify the consultee prior to the completion of the last consultation

hour. This will include an outline of any concerns at this time. The applicant may also choose to withdraw at any time, with the understanding documentation of consultation hours will be provided to EMDRIA.

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EMDR 2 Hour Consultation Group

Being an EMDR therapist has never felt so intense. Get ready for nourishment in a community that encourages you, and wants to see you thrive at home and in your career! We understand you and are here with you on the journey as we learn, lead and thrive.

In this program, we will companion to alongside you for these resources:

  • 2 Hour groups are on a schedule that works for you!  Sign up link will be emailed after you are enrolled for group. 
  • Full access to Kathy for individual consultation regarding EMDR, business building, or grief work.
  • 50% off an Advanced EMDR training, (6 EMDRIA Credits AND 6 CE'S) an $89 value 
  • Information on how to become and EMDRIA-approved consultant and how to complete this exciting milestone.
  • Enrolling gives you priority enrollment for following consultation sessions and other programs. We are here to serve you on your journey.
  • Any materials Kathy uses with her patients, consultants, or business. What’s mine is yours!!!

*All Purchases and admissions are non-refundable.