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Participants will assess EMDR targets related to death education and different death systems and diverse views about death. This advanced training will also cover the history of modern grief theory and applications to clinical practice for EMDR Phases 1-3 to assess targets related to:

  • Perspectives on dying, health care interactions, family roles
  • Advance care planning and end-of-life decision-making
  • Values, attitudes, and gender factors affecting the expression of grief and the impact on mourning practices (end of life decision-making)
  • Factors affecting the experience of and expression of loss, grief, and mourning practices
  • Death, meaning-making, advance care planning, ethnic issues, values and attitudes, gender
  • Cause of death, meaning making and values and attitudes related to traumatic death
  • Issues related to death education, different death systems, and diverse views about death

Approved for 6 EMDRIA Credits


View here:  https://www.rewired360.com/On-Demand-Grief-and-Loss-Training

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EMDR Case Conceptualization Kit for Death, Dying and Bereavement

While clinical knowledge and interventions are key when it comes to treating patients, sometimes you might need a bit of a boost. If you're feeling like you might need more in terms of resources, consider upgrading to the EMDR Case Conceptualization Kit for Death Dying and Bereavement. 

With this plan you get an additional customizable conceptualization kit for serving these patients with content in all 6 clinical indicators:

1. Dying

2. End of Life Decision Making

3. Loss, Grief and Mourning

4. Assessment and Intervention

5. Traumatic Death

6. Death Education and Systems

With the kit, you accurately assess EMDR targets for treatment before, during, and after treatment.  In the kit you will find a Rewired360 Target Tracking and Treatment Planning Form, EMDR Target Overview Session Tracking Sheet. 

You will also have additional resources for Free Grief and Loss Trainings for future educational needs.   And, as the clinician, you'll be able to case conceptualize with more ease. 

The kit also includes a  "Grief Belief Assessment" tool to help you your own clinical beliefs and theoretical frameworks and what to do when you're feeling "stuck." 


What People Are Saying:

"The EMDR Case Conceptualization Kit for Death Dying and Bereavement is a meticulous product that assists therapists with creating a therapeutic foundation & with organizing the target sequencing process to help guide client work, resulting in improved client well-being & outcomes. The Grief Belief Assessment is an important tool that helps to customize our client's healing journey. I highly recommend this kit".

Stephanie Pearce