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Journey through the eyes  

Whether you're a new or seasoned professional in the mental health field, a client who has experienced the profound effects of EMDR, or simply someone who is curious about this innovative therapeutic approach, this podcast is for you. Together, we'll delve into the depths of EMDR, unraveling its principles, techniques, and real-life success stories and business tips & strategies for building your thriving private practice.

[Tamera]: In each episode we will feature insightful conversations with experts in the field-from therapists, to others who have personally undergone EMDR therapy or who are on their journey to building their private practice. We'll explore various aspects of the EMDR process, from understanding its origins and theoretical framework to exploring its applications in specific populations and trauma types.


EMDR with Grief and Loss Targets: 

Participants will assess EMDR targets related to death education and different death systems and diverse views about death. This advanced training will also cover the history of modern grief theory and applications to clinical practice for EMDR Phases 1-3 related to dying, traumatic death, end of life decision making, advanced care planning

Refresher Course This is a course for EMDR clinici9ans who have completed Basic Training in EMDR with an EMDRIA approved trainer. The goal is to revisit skills introduced in basic training to assist clinicians in the basic protocol. This is a process where clinicians can reinforce and master the 8 phases and renew interactions with the Advanced Information processing model, desensitization and to offer problem solving after clinicians have provided EMDR therapy. Clinicians will increase confidence and ease in application of the EMDR protocol.

EMDR Documentation Course

Come learn about how to document the 8 phase protocol and how to create goals, treatment plans and evidenced based notes using the golden-thread approach. Tie all of your documentation together so it flows back to the treatment plan, while staying loyal to the 8 phase EMDR protocol and baseline measures.


Marketing for Therapists

Learn basics of marketing and how to build your practice with confidence. Whether you are just starting out or have an established practice, come learn aspects of branding, pricing, marketing channels and how to target the right audience for your business. Come learn how to level up your skills and create a sustainable practice. $139 for 3 hours