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One of the hardest parts of setting a goal is getting started. That's why we've prepared countless resources, top-notch EMDR, and clinical offerings, infused with flavors of business and marketing strategies that you won't find anywhere in the therapist market.

Kathy Couch, Rewired360, EMDR basic Training, EMDR, EMDR Certification, EMDR Consultant, Twin Falls, Idaho, Grief and Loss, EMDR Podcast
Kathy Couch, Rewired360, EMDR basic Training, EMDR, EMDR Certification, EMDR Consultant, Twin Falls, Idaho, Grief and Loss, EMDR Podcast

Hi, I'm Kathy Couch.

Founder and CEO of Rewired360


 Kathy Couch, LCSW, CT is the founder of Rewired360, a EMDR Consulting/Training business and Willow Creek Counseling, an EMDR therapy business.  Certifications are held with EMDRIA as a EMDR Certified Therapist/Approved Consultant, the Association of Death Education and Counseling, and is a Level 2 trained Gottman Institute clinician.   She co-hosts the podcast Journey Through The Eyes: An EMDR Podcast.  

Kathy has 10 years of teaching experience at Boise State University, with specializations in in program evaluation, research and small business development. Specialties include areas of death, grief, bereavement, couples, addiction, child welfare, probation and parole, TF-CBT, substance abuse and domestic violence.  She regularly provides EMDR and Couples Intensives and lives in Twin Falls, Idaho with her family. 

We would love to have you join us as you begin your exciting EMDR journey. I know first hand how important it is to find "your people" as you step into the world of EMDR therapy. Stepping into EMDR as a therapist can often be overwhelming, and finding a steady community of support as you advance into certification and consultation can be challenging. 


We believe in having new strategies in the marketplace that support growth and opportunity, and that WE ALL DESERVE TO THRIVE! Trusting yourself and the process of learning is just the first step, and we are here to be your cheerleaders. I can't wait to see this vision for a thriving community of EMDR professionals come to fruition! Let’s get started!

The Rewired360 Mission . . .


Our Mission


Rewired360 supports therapists in reaching their practice goals by providing resources for thriving practices including trainings,  seminars, workshops, products, consultation infused with flavors of business and marketing strategies.
  • Rewired360 believes in having¬†new strategies¬†in the marketplace that support growth and opportunity.¬† We use outcome data to help therapists discover the effectiveness of their programs by using data and outcomes.¬†¬†

  • ¬†Just as with patients, we believe in the¬†natural progression¬†of talent and leadership through the training and consultation process. We want you to trust yourself and trust the process of learning. That's how we become more successful leaders.

  • ¬†We believe in¬†wealth and entrepreneurship.¬† We believe that we are trained to be therapists, not business owners.¬†We value the idea that we can create our own innovative, new products to activate us as business owners¬†that allow us the flexibility and freedom we deserve.¬†¬†

  • ¬†We believe that¬†we all deserve to THRIVE. We will provide you the resources to create a thriving practice that keeps you top of mind through trainings, products, seminars, workshops and collaboration to share with each other.

  • ¬†We believe in an¬†abundance mindset‚Äďthere is enough, and you are enough‚Äďand that working within a community of like-minded individuals only increases quality of life.

  • ¬†We believe in the¬†competency of therapists¬†as they are supported in reaching their goals. We provide spaces for therapists to nurture, support, encourage, and motivate each other as they transform their professional selves throughout their EMDR journey.¬†¬†

  • ¬†We believe in¬†mastery of skills and clinical application¬†as we cheerlead, coach, and support each other throughout this process.¬†

  • ¬†We believe in creating a space that invites¬†curiosity and questions¬†in a safe, open forum.¬†

  • ¬†We believe in a¬†growth mindset, where we are continually evolving and learning with new adaptive information to build thriving practices. We encourage development and want to see you thrive.¬†We are with you, we understand you, and we‚Äôve got you.

EMDR Certification

EMDR Certification is a comprehensive training program that covers the fundamentals of EMDR therapy and provides you with the knowledge and skills to become a certified EMDR practitioner.

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Resource Center

Our resource center is full of valuable information on all things EMDR as well as resources to help you build a thriving practice including protocols, scripts, articles, manuals, assessments, and much more! 

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EMDR Consultation

Becoming certified in EMDR is a process of accumulating experience and expertise in clinical practice. Consultation provides a space for practitioners to ask questions and work on clinical intervention skills.

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Nikki Schwisow

Informative course. Kathy clearly knows her area of work and effectively shares this. Her passion for what she does adds to the course in my opinion.

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