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EMDR University Consultation Program

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EMDR University Consultation Program

Our goal is to develop you as an EMDR consultant, entrepreneur and leader in the EMDR career path. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Consultation Basics:

    • Review consultant match form and clarify the role of a Rewired360 Consultant.
    • Understand the unique aspects of consultation on consultation compared to regular consultation.
    • Familiarize with the purpose of an EMDR Consultant and the consultation workbook.
  2. Consultation Program Development:

    • Formulate clear personal goals as a Consultant.
    • Provide support for EMDRIA Consultants In Training (CIT) as they meet requirements to become and approved consultant.
    • Make professional connections to support clinicians as they submit letters of reference for EMDR practice.
  3. Contracting and Marketing:

    • Formulate strategies for creating contracts with consultees.
    • Explore the 4 Ps of the Marketing Mix for effective consultation.
    • Review methods for providing constructive feedback and identify 3 go-to-teaching strategies.
    • Develop your consultation brand and branding message.
  4. Target Market and Value Proposition:

    • Select a target market or niche for consultation services.
    • Review pricing and positioning strategies.
    • Develop social media posts and identify potential consultees.
    • ¬†
  5. Advanced EMDR Concepts:

    • Assess the ability of consultees to explain each phase of EMDR therapy.
    • Review strategies to overcome challenges and stuck points in consultation.
    • Evaluate the readiness of consultants in terms of Assessment and Preparation.

Business Objectives:

  • Implement Blue Ocean Strategies for business growth.
  • Develop methods for reviewing promotions and fostering generosity.
  • Define and explain the fundamental concepts of SWOT analysis, emphasizing its relevance in mental health practices, particularly EMDR therapy.

Note: The EMDR and Business Objectives are integrated for a comprehensive and balanced Consultant Program.


They teach us to be therapists, not business owners.  That's about to change.  Join Rewired360's EMDR University Consultation program and give yourself the gift of quality tools to build your private practice and create an uncontested market space for your new consultation business.  

EMDR University is a Rewired360 program where we companion alongside you after your Basic Training through becoming an EMDRIA-Certified therapist to Approved Consultant and ultimately a thriving and independent business owner.  We offer you a comprehensive program for certification, through becoming an approved consultant into advanced training offerings in a curriculum format that is often missing in the marketplace. Instead of offering your opportunities to complete individual hours with several consultants, we offer you a program of services on your EMDR journey. 

Become a Rewired360 consultant, an EMDR clinician with vision, confidence.  You will learn the basics business and marketing skills in addition to becoming an expert in the practice of EMDR.  We companion with you beyond EMDRIA requirements to become an approved consultant to assist you in building consultation business with strategy and confidence within a culture of vulnerability, support and trust with others doing the same!  Learn strategies and ways to create the best environment for your consultees while developing a business that serves you first! Work smarter not harder!

The traditional consultation models seem overwhelming and difficult to maneuver and we are here to remove the hassle of tracking hours and stressing about meeting requirements! We want this to be an experience you will pay forward in your EMDR career path.  

In the Rewired360 EMDR University Program, you will travel as a cohort building your consultation business alongside satisfying EMDRIA Approved Consultant requirements.  Review this article to learn more about consultant requirements and responsibilities.  We’ve got you!

  • Complete 20 hours of EMDRIA group and individual sessions as you move towards your goal, in one setting, rather than with several consultants. (Groups on Mondays 1-3 MST).
  • Learn how to build your consultation business to build revenue, create a brand,¬†solidify your niche with¬†basic marketing and business skills.¬† We celebrate and validate your professional self and the work you've done to get here.
  • Receive 50% off an EMDRIA approved Advanced Training offering 6 EMDRIA credits: EMDR with Grief and Loss Targets ($100 Value)!
  • Get to you know your peers and build quality, lasting relationships that matter and have full access to your peers in the online community forum.
  • Lifetime access to free Rewired360 Consultant Library.


Are you a Black, Indigenous, Person of Color? Apply for the EMPOWER360 Scholarship

This scholarship is for the EMDR University Certification and Consultation Programs to support BIPOC clinicians in becoming EMDR Certified and EMDR Consultants.  Apply here


$375/m or $1499

Top features

  • ¬†$50 discount if paid in full
  • Support as you complete 20 hours of Consultation of Consultation to complete EMDRIA requirements to become an Approved Consultant.
  • Five, 120-minute consultation groups and 10 individual consultation of consultation hours.¬† Groups are bi-weekly Mondays 1-3 MST.
  • Receive a free workbook to help you in¬†building your consultation business including setting consultation objectives, selecting teaching frameworks, creating your consultation mission statement, selection of target market, pricing, branding and promotion techniques.¬†
  • Group and individual consultation to help develop your strategies and services as a Consultant In Training.
  • Full access to Kathy for individual consultation to assist with setting your consultation business goals.
  • Discounts on products and services provided by Rewired360.¬† We are here to serve you on your journey.
  • Any materials Kathy uses with her patients, consultants or business. What‚Äôs mine is yours!!!
Pay in Full $1450
Pay 4 Payments of $375

I received consultation services with Kathy Couch of Rewired360 for both EMDR Certification & the University Program for Consultants in Training. Kathy's approach goes beyond traditional consultation; it's a journey of discovery and professional growth.

What sets Kathy apart is her ability to blend EMDR expertise with a focus on functional business goals. The sessions were structured to not only enhance clinical skills, but to also encourage self-reflection & guidance to operate from a place of authenticity and alignment within your own professional identity and leverages within the field. Kathy's guidance in finding my "why" has added a profound depth to my practice and inspired new goals and objectives for the future. 

Her supportive and insightful feedback has been invaluable. Kathy creates a space that feels both nurturing and challenging, fostering an environment where personal and professional growth naturally intertwine. I highly recommend Kathy Couch and Rewired360 to anyone seeking EMDR consultation that goes beyond just the technicalities of EMDR & dives into the heart of authentic, purpose-driven therapeutic work while adhering to the standards of EMDR therapy".  Noel Andrus


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