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EMDR University Certification Program

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EMDR University Certification Program 

EMDR University is a Rewired360 program where we companion alongside you after your Basic Training through becoming an EMDRIA-Certified therapist to Approved Consultant and ultimately a thriving and independent business owner.  We offer you a comprehensive program for certification, through becoming an approved consultant into advanced training offerings in a curriculum format that is often missing in the marketplace.  Instead of offering your opportunities to complete individual hours with several consultants, we offer you a program of services on your EMDR journey. 

Become EMDR Certified with a cohort, vs. completing hours with various consultants and tracking hours manually.  If you an EMDR trained clinician, you are eligible to become Certified in EMDR. Join a program that will walk you through all of the  EMDRIA requirements  to become certified. The EMDR University Certification Program will provide you with the knowledge and skills to become a certified EMDR practitioner, without the stress of missing requirements to get there.  After all, isn't most of the learning in the quality of the experience? We've got you!

  • The EMDR University Certification Program provides tools to lead in the EMDR career path
  • Join a community of peers travelling the same path, and on the same mission.  No more attending drop-in consultation with colleagues you don't know.
  • Avoid all the stress and know you have a place to land to get you to your goals to thrive in your practice. 


What to Expect

  • Become a Rewired360 consultant, an EMDR clinician with vision, confidence.  You will learn the basics business and marketing skills in addition to becoming an expert in the practice of EMDR.  We companion with you beyond EMDRIA requirements to become an approved consultant to assist you in building consultation business with strategy and confidence within a culture of vulnerability, support and trust with others doing the same!  Learn strategies and ways to create the best environment for your consultees while developing a business that serves you first! Work smarter not harder! 

    • Complete 20 hours of EMDRIA group and individual sessions as you move towards your goal, in one setting, rather than with several consultants. (Groups on Mondays 1-3 MST).
    • Learn how to build your consultation business to build revenue, create a brand, solidify your niche with basic marketing and business skills.  We celebrate and validate your professional self and the work you've done to get here.
    • Receive 50% off an EMDRIA approved Advanced Training offering 6 EMDRIA credits: EMDR with Grief and Loss Targets ($100 Value)!
    • Get to you know your peers and build quality, lasting relationships that matter.
    • Lifetime access to free Rewired360 Consultant Library.

How to Begin

  • Select the pricing option and plan that works best for you.
  • Review and sign the participant agreement emailed to you.
  • Register for the initial consultation meeting (link will be sent).

EMDR University Certification Programs

Groups start in January 2024











10 Hour Package

  • 10 hours of group consultation towards certification
  • Lifetime access to free Certification Library
  • Bi-Weekly 1 Hour Consultation Groups Bi-Weekly Tues 11-12 MST.
  • No payment plan options












15 Hour Package

  • 5-Biweekly 2 hour Group Consultations Mondays from 1-3 MST.
  • 5-individual hours of consultation
  • Lifetime access to free Certification Library
  • 50% off EMDRIA approved Advanced Training: EMDR with Grief and Loss targets  (6 EMDRIA credits)
  • Personalized 4 month payment plan options or a $50 discount if paid in full








20 Hour Package- Most Popular

  • 5 Biweekly 2 hour Group Consultations Mondays from 1-3 MST.
  • 10 individual hours of consultation, including business elements
  • Lifetime access to free Certification Library
  • 50% off EMDRIA approved Advanced Training: EMDR with Grief and Loss targets  (6 EMDRIA credits)
  • 10% discount when registering for Consultation Program.
  • 4 payment option of $375 for 4 months or a $50 discount if paid in full




By registering for EMDR Certification  Program, I understand that I will receive 20 hours toward becoming EMDR certification in a program format  If cancellation needs to occur due to unforeseen circumstances and I am unable to attend, I understand that I have the option to attend another program provided by Rewired360 or attend other groups offered by Rewired360 within a year of the event. If you do not show up for the scheduled session and fail to notify us, you will have to pay to make up those hours separately. If failure to communicate occurs, or scheduling errors occur, fees will not be refunded.