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One of the hardest parts of setting a goal is getting started. That's why we've prepared countless resources, top-notch EMDR, and clinical offerings, infused with flavors of business and marketing strategies that you won't find anywhere in the therapist market.

Rewired360 offers programs and training to therapists seeking to advance their therapy knowledge, skills and abilities, infused with business offerings to create sustainable therapy practices. We offer programs for EMDR clinicians to help them achieving EMDR Certification and becoming an EMDR Consultant.  We offer a culture of vulnerability in attaining these goals with a curriculum designed to create a University-like setting to keep the journey simple.  Our clinical programs are integrated with business management and marketing concepts, as clinicians gain knowledge and expertise with training, toolkits, and clinical offerings.   We offer cutting-edge practice design and assessment tools, live and on-demand trainings, and a body of knowledge and practice kits related to EMDR, and death, dying, and bereavement.   Build your business with strategy and confidence.  You have a home as long as you need! 

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Join fellow therapists who have committed to building their businesses and creating thriving practices with Rewired360’s education, clinical, and business design resources.

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EMDR University Certification Program 

Rewired360's EMDR Certification is a comprehensive training program that covers the fundamentals of EMDR therapy and provides you with the knowledge and skills to become an EMDRIA Certified EMDR therapist.  Together, we will ensure fidelity to the EMDR protocol, while enhancing your skills with a community of others doing the same as we are vulnerable and teachable.  We will also introduce basic business skills to enhance your ability to improve your private practice. 

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Resource Center and Rewired360 Community


We believe in generosity and sharing.  Our free EMDR Resource Library is full of valuable information on all things EMDR as well as resources to help you build a thriving practice including protocols, scripts, articles, manuals and so much more.

We also have a Free Rewired360 Community where you can collaborate with peers and everything EMDR!



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Kathy Couch, Rewired360, EMDR basic Training, EMDR, EMDR Certification, EMDR Consultant, Twin Falls, Idaho, Grief and Loss, EMDR Podcast
EMDR University Consultation Program 

The consultation program offers EMDR Certified therapists and opportunity to travel as a cohort as they build consultation businesses with intention and clarity as you satisfy EMDRIA Approved Consultant requirements.  

 You will learn the basics business and marketing skills in addition to becoming an expert in teaching others the practice of EMDR. In addition, you will find quality tools to build your private practice and create an uncontested market space for your business. 

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We are excited to announce we have been approved to offer CE's for all our courses as an NBCC provider!


EMDR With Grief and Loss Targets Advanced Training

Now offering CE's and EMDRIA Credits!

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